Ghost Recon Net

The downloads database now contains over 1000 mods! While that means a fantastic selection of mods for fans, it has turned into a huge maintenance task, and I was aware that finding the right mod for your own preferences could be tedious at times.

So, I have undertaken a major overhaul of the downloads section, and so far have completed the Campaigns section, the Maps section, and the massive Equipment section. Each section has been cleaned out of old mods and patches that have been superseded with new versions and generally tidied up, and each section given it’s own new download page.

Also, on each new download page you’ll find a selection of the very best mods in each catagory, with a brief summary, the mods requirements, review and webpage links. This should help fans find the best of the bunch quickly, and see at a glance whether the expansion packs are required to run the mod or not.

I hope you find these improvements helpful, and thanks go out to zjj for help with that massive Equipment clearout!