Ghost Recon Net

I just wanted to update you all on the situation with the downloads. It is indeed true that someone at the Gamespy network deleted the entire collection of Ghost Recon mods that the Ghost Recon community has created over the past 4 years and that we maintained in collaboration with affiliates @war.

If goes without saying that we are disgusted with Gamespy’s actions, undertaken without any warning, consultation or forethought for the consequences.

At this point in time, that leaves us without a database of 1300 Ghost Recon mods, and without working download links. However, a few months ago we did start working on a brand new, improved download system that would see us into the next generation of Ghost Recon, with new advanced features. That new system is currently at about 15% completion. I now plan on bringing it online earlier than planned due to this current situation forced upon us by Gamespy. Of course, any new file mirrors will not be on the Gamespy network. Once we have a working download system up and running, it will be populated with all the mods that used to be here, with new download locations. Then we’ll look at replacing all the hundreds of now broken download links scattered throughout the site.

In the meantime, please remember that our affiliate at the 3d Retreat network have over 150 Ghost Recon mods for free download. Forum chat on this subject can be found here.