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In their three yearly review of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Library of Congress announced today some exemptions from the Act. Gamers will be interested particularly by exemption number 4.

Video games accessible on personal computers and protected by technological protection measures that control access to lawfully obtained works, when circumvention is accomplished solely for the purpose of good faith testing for, investigating, or correcting security flaws or vulnerabilities…

What does that mean? Apparantly the two targets here are in fact SecuROM and SafeDisc and their potential for compromising security of gamers computers.

Read more detail on Ars Technica, where there’s bigger news on the implications for Apple thanks to exemption number 2.

In related news, a recent court case ruled that DMCA anti-circumvention protection does not apply where a link between ‘access’ and ‘protection’ of the copyrighted work cannot be proven. More on that at Courthouse News.