Ghost Recon Net

The kind of developer interaction Ghost Recon fans have been wishing for since, forever, is finally here. A dev team that clearly pours over fan feeback in the forums, a dev team that includes suggestions, resolves issues and where ideas cannot be incorporated, explains clearly why.


The only problem for Ghost Recon fans is, we’re describing a different Ubisoft game, the upcoming Real Time Strategy game RUSE. The two gentlemen shown above are Alexis Dressay and Mathieu Girard. If you click that image, it’ll take you to a twenty minute YouTube video split into several chapters. In each chapter there is repeated reference to fan forums and community requests showing the dev teams commitment to making the game something that the fans have played a part in shaping.

After the first beta, the game was delayed while fan feedback was fully digested by the dev team. Now they’ve come back with a new version of RUSE packed with fan suggested features, and to top it off, there’s a chance to play the new pre-release multiplayer version free this weekend over Steam.

Visit the official RUSE website, and post feedback in our RTS forums.