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It takes an incredibly special game to still be winning the hearts of PC gamers the world over into its tenth installment and Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the tenth installment of the Tom Clancy franchise is the perfect example.

Whether you have only just started your tactical shooting adventure, or else you have completed the game a couple of times and are ready to start over, continue reading to discover five hidden gems and easter eggs in Wildlands.


1.    The Ghost of the Missing Boy


Even though Wildlands is centered around taking down the Southern rebels, there are still a number of interesting back stories to background characters, including the ghost of the missing boy.

When playing in the ‘Child Hut’ location, take a look inside the window and you will see the eerie image of the ghost of a little boy who mysteriously disappeared in the surrounding swamps.


2.    A Wicked Witch Hunt


Another fabulous hidden gem is located around Pa Kollu, which is the old house of three evil witches who for unexplained reasons have completely disappeared leaving no trace; for now at least.

When you enter the house, you will find three shrine-like totems that you can interact with, which will begin the sounds of the three whispering witches coming from all directions. Stay in the house and figure out your next step and you will start on your side adventure to find the missing hags.


3.    Germanic Evil Barbie


The next easter egg refers to the real-life villain Nikolaus Barbie, who was a Nazi SS officer in World War II and was personally responsible for the deaths of over four thousand Jews.

There is a feature hidden in the Wildlands referred to as ‘The Barbie Dreamhouse’, underneath the ground in a bunker on Death Road which combines the evil acts of Klaus Barbie with the seemingly innocent appearance of a Barbie house.

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4.    The Bonfire of Dark Souls


Recently, there has been a strange collection of easter eggs in PC games referring to Dark Souls, including in Just Cause 3, For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands – easter eggs wherever you look.

Just outside the Caimanes Province, nearby one of the larger rebel outposts, is a hill and on the top of the summit, a flaming sword is accessible to players and the sword is a direct reference to the bonfire in Dark Souls.


5.    Assassin’s Eagle


Next time you are exploring the Wildlands world, fast-travel to the mansion of the Beauty Queen and hike to the top of the nearby tower.

Here, there is a haystack at the base and when you jump into the haystack, you will find yourself in ruins exceedingly and accurately reminiscent of the iconic architecture of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.