Ghost Recon Net

Here’s a new idea, an audio story made up of game samples and voices, but it is bound to sound disjointed, with no real “story”, isn’t it? That’s what I thought, especially at the start when I realised it was 100% Ghost Recon game sounds, with nothing extra to fill in and hold the story together. But this is a real class act – it has a story, action, soundtrack and of course Ghosts. A clever idea, extremely well executed. It must have taken the author an age to prepare and mix it together.

Here’s some fan feedback on this Audio Story.

That was utterly, utterly great!” Robbel
“That was excellent! Really cheered up my day” Hostile Person
“Thx to the author for a job well done. ” SGT Spear

It is a 10 minutes long mp3 and you can download it here, enjoy it and listen carefully to understand the ending, then discuss here.