Ghost Recon Net

In the middle of a PC gaming community meltdown over the PC Gamer interview with Ubisoft that states Future Soldier will be a console only release, two tiny glimmers of hope…

Firstly, Ubisoft’s UK Forum Manager has this to say yesterday

“Please be aware no official announcements have been made regarding the PC version.

Secondly, Ubisoft’s Antoine Emond has reportedly tweeted

“Don’t believe all rumours you can read on the Internet. Official information is always better. #GRFS “

The confusion lies with sites like Eurogamer saying that Ubisoft told them last Thursday while discussing Ghost Recon Future Soldier that

Ghost Recon Online is the PC equivalent

Has something simply been lost in translation, and if so, why haven’t Ubisoft clarified interviews with PC Gamer and Eurogamer to make it crystal clear whether Ghost Recon Future Soldier is coming to the PC or not?

At this moment in time, PC Gamer’s Ubisoft interview remains intact and un-edited, stating that Future Soldier is a Console release only. PC Gamer have declined to comment further.

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