Ghost Recon Net

Nicholas Lovell provides financial advice to computer and video games companies. If you’ve heard of gaming app Gameshadow, Nicholas Lovell is the Chief Exec. He’s provided advice and services to companies such as Eidos and Codemasters and was the lead equity research analyst for Deutsche Bank in Europe. In short, when it comes to finances and computer gaming, this guy knows his stuff.

This week he turned his attention on Ubisoft’s plans for protecting Ghost Recon Future Soldier from pirates, OSP DRM, or “always connected” game protection. What he says will probably sound very familiar..

There is no doubt in my mind that pirates now have a better experience than legitimate consumers.

It seems crazy to me that Ubisoft didn’t emulate Steam, which by some estimates has more than half the market, and instead went for their own draconian system.

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