Ghost Recon Net

This is hot off the press, official confirmation straight from Ubisoft – Ghost Recon for the Wii and PSP, due out Fall 2010.

The Wii version (called simply “Ghost Recon”) features a two man Ghost team take on 12 missions in locations such as Norway and Moscow.

The Wii version features two player third person co-op mode, with hot swapping supported – so your mate can jump into your misson anytime. Expect to see Ghost Recon hit the Wii in November this year. Discuss Wii Ghost Recon in our forums.

The PSP version is titled Ghost Recon Predator, and takes place in the jungles of Sri Lanka.

Featuring multiplayer co-op, Predator also boasts an “exclusive tactical experience”. Ghost Recon Predator for the PSP hits the shelves at the end of September. PSP version discussions here.

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