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Ghost Recon Predator is not even out on the PSP yet, and already it’s stirring up controversy.

The video trailer of the game, shows the players in the jungles of Sri Lanka going behind the LTTE with messages appearing on the top of the screen saying that the US troops are after the terrorists “who think nothing, of hiding among innocent civilians, of using people as a shield for their illegal and immoral campaign”.

We’ve also been recieving mail on the same subject…

having Sri Lanka in the upcoming Ghost Recon Predator will not only promote racial intolerance towards one ethnic group, but also tells people that it [sic] genocide is okay

Of course many shooters have drawn critiscm in the past about their scenarios, and Ghost Recon is no different with both Ghost Recon 2 and GRAW2 being banned in certain corners of the world.

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