Ghost Recon Net

Word on the street is that the next Ghost Recon is going to feature some interesting new military tech.

On the weapons front we are expecting to see the XM-25’s first official appearance in a PC Ghost Recon game. I say “official” because if you know where to look, this weapon has already been modded into the original Ghost Recon. The XM-25 is known as a Counter Defilade Target Engagement System. Defilade is of french origin meaning behind cover, and that’s exactly what the XM-25 is designed to do, eliminate targerts concealed behind cover. You can see the XM-25 in CNN’s video report now, and probably in Ghost Recon Future Soldier later this year.

On the gadget front, how about an exoskeleton for Ghost Recon 4? Man portable exoskeleton’s are starting to reach the stage of deployment readiness, and are therefore entirely convievable for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Lockheed Martin are investing heavily in their own HULC exoskeleton and we expect to see something along these lines in Ghost Recon 4. View photo’s, data and a cool video at Lockheed’s HULC site.

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