Ghost Recon Net

Ubisoft have announced that Ghost Recon Future Soldier is to be delayed into the 2011-12 release timetable. We have a handy list of how the news was reported around the web.

This notable delay differs from the usual “slippage” that Ubisoft customers are familiar with though, this is a major delay, possibly borne out of a major re-think on the future of Future Soldier.

Recent rumours regarding a shake up of personnel at the top end of the salary scale on the Future Soldier project add credance to any suspicion of a major revamp on the direction of Future Soldier.

One thing is for sure, after reading Ubisoft’s Financial Report released today, more so than ever before, Ubisoft need their next Ghost Recon to be a huge success across all platforms, and that can only be good for the fans.

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