Ghost Recon Net

If there was a prize for consistancy, Ubisoft would be up there with the best.

11 April 2005 Ghost Recon 2 PC Cancelled
7 October 2005 GR:AW Delayed
17 June 2007 GR:AW 2 Delayed
18 May 2010 GR:FS Delayed

Ubisoft’s announcement today that Ghost Recon Future Soldier has been delayed until March 2011 probably won’t come as much surprise.

The gaming press who have actually seen Future Soldier in the flesh had already warned about how early in the development cycle the game looked, and now that other shooters have been announced that will compete for consumers disposable income this Christmas it’s a shrewd move from Ubisoft to delay their triple A title until after Christmas.

Is the additional development time something to be optimistic about, or is the delay just another bone of contention with Ubisoft? Join in the debate!