Ghost Recon Net

Even before Ubisoft’s recent announcement revealing their plans to unleash a new Ghost Recon, fans were more or less agreed on one thing, all they wanted was the original 2001 Ghost Recon with todays graphics.

Why is this, why would gamers settle for the gameplay of a shooter designed almost 10 years ago? Perhaps the answer lies in todays games as much as it does in the aging Ghost Recon. While the feature set of recent releases continues a diminishing trend, they start to appear like second rate games in comparison to Ghost Recon with its rich set of features and clever array of gameplay options. 

Perhaps this is why gamers are crying out for nothing more than Ghost Recon with better graphics. This yearning can be seen all over, not just within the Ghost Recon Community, but in other shooter game forums too…

All I ask is … Ghost Recon 1 with better graphics”

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