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Version 2 of the awesome XM8 Armoury by Snowfella and Lancer is out, and what an amazing pack of weapon models it is. The XM8 Armoury has been worked on for well over a year and the quality really shines through, check these images posted by Lancer for example.

This mod contains the silenced and unsilenced variants of the current XM8 project in very cool woodland and desert camouflage. Also included are M25 grenade launcher, M249 with Elcan, M29, M107, SR25, MP5, MP7, AT-4, M240G, M9, L85 and an L96.

There are two downloads, one for PC and one for Mac.

If this mod makes you want to download more work by Snowfella, check out his Shrike mod too, or his texturing tutorial. The upcoming Trainride mod will also feature models by Snowfella.