Ghost Recon Net

Mr Pibbs completed testing his last ever Ghost Recon and sent it in recently, the remarkable WWIII Fight For Freedom! The files are now ready for download, so get ready to enjoy a quite unique experience for Ghost Recon missions.

WWIII has been worked on long and very hard by Mr Pibbs to offer Ghost Recon fans something new, challenging and fun. The mission scripting that went into WWIII is complex and well worked, hopefully you’ll agree all the effort by Mr Pibbs is reflected in the playability of the missions.

There are four versions to select from:-

WWIIIFFFGold v3.0 – all the missions + menu music – 115 MB
WWIIIFFFGoldNM v3.0 – all the missions – no menu music – 40 MB
WWIIIFFFGoldNMMac v3.0 – For Mac users – all the missions – no menu music – 40 MB
WWIIIFFFPart2 v3 – only the new 3 missions – 18 MB

If you previously download a v2.0 file please also install this tiny v3.0 patch.

As you can see Mr Pibbs has tried to accommodate everybody! After you have enjoyed the missions, please make sure you visit this discussion and leave some feedback for Mr Pibbs, this is his last Ghost Recon project, so say your thank you’s and bid him well!