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The latest version of War of Infamy has been released, including Eastern Front v1.1 and Afrika Korps v1.0.


These are extremely detailed and well researched WWII modifications, with stacks of quality content. Many of the features will be familiar to fans of this series of mods, including the neat launcher tool for selecting theatres and character sets. The tense night missions will also be familiar territory, stumbling along without night vision, searching for the enemy only to find they are right next to you, peering through the night trying to locate you!

What’s new here though is fascinating. Historically based missions and maps based on actual locations with mapped terrains. Remember the Bunkers map by Mike Schell that was never released? It’s in here too, in modified form with some clever touches you’re going to love. There are new anti-tank weapons you’ll have fun with too, it takes a while, but stopping a tank dead with one well placed shot is very rewarding!

One thing as sure as the quality of this mod, is the difficulty – these missions are no light wieghts and will offer a good challenge to everyone.

For more details on the content please check the following links on the official site…

WOI 2.4 | Eastern Front v1.1 | Afrika Korps v1.0

Download locations can be found on this page. This mod is quite an achievement, and deserves to be a hit with WWII buffs and Ghost Recon fans alike. Please feel free to comment in our forums here, or the official WOI forums here.