Ghost Recon Net

If you have played any of the big online games you have probably heard of Vertigo; if you played Rogue Spear online chances are you have certainly heard of him. His cheat patches have ruined many gaming leagues and been the cause of countless community flame wars.

He has recently announced a series of cheats for Ghost Recon. When Freshmint contacted me about this a couple of days ago I had no reason to doubt that Vertigo had indeed expanded his cheat empire. Having examined his screenshot “evidence” however, there is nothing to substantiate his claims at all.

Unfortunately where Vertigo is concerned there is never any smoke without a fire, so it would not surprise me if ladder sites started reporting Ghost Recon cheaters over the coming months. Let’s hope that any gamers who stoop so low as to use cheats online, will face a united action from all the major ladders that will help prevent the spread of this regretable but inevitable epidemic.