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The first part of our brand new feature on Siege games is now available. The Siege Report is a massive indepth feature exploring all aspects of one of the most enjoyable Ghost Recon multiplayer games.

The feature spans six pages and details the thoughts and views of some the most skilled Siege players in the community. All in there are 15 contributors from well known clans, squads and gaming sites such as XRW, Fort Chaos, Alpha Squad, WithOut Remorse and Network42.

In this first part of the report we cover the Basic Rules, Glitching, and the first part of the Interviews which cover points such as servers, clans, sensors, IFF and defend or attack preferences.

Feedback on this report has already started in this forum thread, here’s one quote…

This is going to be one really useful topic for anyone playing GR. Both those still new to the game, and those who have been playing it since its release.I find it really interesting reading other players views on each question.” XRW_Hunter

Enjoy the report, I hope it helps you improve your Siege games, or if you have not tried them yet, that it persuades you to give them a go! The final part will be released next weekend and will reveal details of the top players tactics for winning Siege games. Start reading The Siege Report Part 1 here.