Ghost Recon Net

3 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Just for all you hungry Ghost Recon fans who do not have access to this superb disk, check out our first part of a 3 section report. In todays summary we look at what is discussed in four of the movies, including interviews with John Sonedecker and Brian Upton. Alot of people are saying this disk is worth the purchase price for BT alone, and I do not disagree with that! If you are thinking about buying Black Thorn, read this summary to see why you MUST!

Thanks to Donan for the following brief summary on this Ghost Recon disk that is shipping with BlackThorn

  • Behind the Scenes video and interviews
  • Exclusive gamplay footage
  • Screenshots and concept art of levels, characters, and weapons.
  • Special features including exclusive tips on the first mission
  • winning MP tactics.
  • Over 450Mb of Ghost Recon info!

Ghost Recon Equipment 3 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
All credit to Ross at R6Italia who has been working like a bear to bring us more Ghost Recon exclusives. Today he has a presentation of the equipment available, including brand new images. The four kit items difer for each of the specialtys, Assault, Support, Snipers and Demolition, find out what each of them can carry on this page.