Ghost Recon Net

After announcing the imminant release of Operation Stabilise from Aus Viper yesterday he was flooded with e-mails of the “please release it now!!!” type. So please stop e-mailing Aus Viper, as he has agreed to release his massive Ghost Recon Project right now, you can download it here.

So what do you get for your 170Mb download? First of all this is an extremely immersive campaign based initially on the East Timor conflict of 1999 / 2000. There is some interesting background reading included in the installation, which I suggest you read as it sets the scene brilliantly.

There are far too many features in this mod to list here, so here are just a few of the highlights.

  • 12 New Specialists
  • A fully useable bayonet with the SA80A1
  • 13 Mission Campaign (watch out for the surprises!)
  • Over 20 new weapons (Streinger)
  • Realism tweaks
  • Awesome intro and outro movies and mission animations (Jack57)
  • Extensively beta tested (Giwex)

Finally, there were quite a few modders in on this project, please check the extensive readme webpages included in the installation for the full credit list.

Forum discussion and mod buildup in the forums here.