Ghost Recon Net

Rabidd Saints have been crowned the winners of Alpha Squads tremendous Stealth Score Leaderboard. As well as earning the respect of the co-op community for their gaming prowess, the winners also take away some T-shirts and games kindly donated by Ubi Soft. Coolhand and Bad Azz Danes came in runner up positions.

Twenty teams pitted their wits and stealth against some superb missions created by Alpha Squad specifically for the tournament, including the final mission where the location was even kept secret until the actual insertion – which added even more tension to the proceedings!

You can check the final standings here, congrats to every team that took part, Rabidd Saints for winning, and our very own [GRNET] team for their top half of the table result! A huge vote of thanks to Alpha Squad for running the competition, which included scripting, supervising and hosting – great job!