Ghost Recon Net

The pace is picking up as Ghost Recon co-op experts head towards the official start of the Alpha Squad Stealth Recon 2004 Tournament. The 40 lucky teams who managed to get signed up for this tournament can be viewed here. And I say “lucky” because the recently announced prize list is quite outstanding.

Hypernia and Ubi Soft are sponsoring the event. Hypernia and have put up a years worth of gaming on their Premium Server, that’s $5000 worth of prize right there. Runners up get a Clan Web package, and every single team that completes the tournament is getting a full year of free voice comms hosting! Finally, as an additional bonus every team participating in SR2004 will get $50/month off every month from Pro or Premium server rental, and the setup fee reduced by 50%.

Ubi Soft have nine ATi Radeon 9000 Pro 128MB AGP 4X/2X Bus to give away!

If you are not participating, take a look at what the teams are up against for the first mission and make a note not to miss out next time around!

STOP PRESS!!! I just spoke with Chavez, and there’s more! runner up gets a GR GOLD PACK and the top 3 teams all get Ghost Recon T-Shirts!