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Congratulations to BAD who have come away from the superb Alpha Squad Stealth Recon Tournament as deserving winners! It’s been a magnificent tournament that has drawn some great feedback in our forums from the participants

I think Alphasquad opened our eyes to a new way of playing GR=SeALZ=Crowman
I’m looking forward to future tournaments of this kindMr.Magoo[BAD]
“…this Tourney was excellentSRS_Undertaker
“…a very professional tournament[GR] Matrix CO
This tourney is the most fun I had in a long time, every week I’m waiting desperately for tueday so I can play the mission” Retlaw

And so it goes on! There are 10 pages of comments generating over 2500 views in our forums just about Alpha Squad’s Tournament, catch up here.

You can download each of the missions and see exactly what the teams were up against by using the Alpha Squad boxout on the right. An exciting new suite of downloads is being prepared by Alpha Squad Chavez that will not only allow you to watch replays of the top teams in action, but comms will be included so you can watch and hear exactly how the best Ghost Recon co-op players in the world go about their business! That is going to be an invaluable download for serious and casual co-op players alike. We’ll have those download links on the news page as soon as they are available.