Ghost Recon Net

Ghost Recon 1 fans in are for a treat as the resurgence of interest in the original title of the series continues with a new co-op tournament featuring brand new custom missions and weapons.

In Sniper Team – The Longest Kill, two man sniper/spotter teams will pitch their combined skills in a series of 10 custom missions played out on four classic Ghost Recon maps, and 6 custom maps. The weapons have been reworked to recapture the essence of realistic sniping and the spotter will use a new long range spotter scope which will be invaluable in deciding whether the missions end is success, or failure.

This tournament is brought to you by a team of modders of the highest calibre, and we can’t wait to get started. All you need to enter is two players, Ghost Recon and both expansion packs, and the Sniper Team modification, which will be supplied to all entrants.

Don’t miss out on this one, sign up your two man teams here!