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Sixpence has done it again. His latest USMC Desert mod has been out for one week and already he is releasing his next modification!

Australian Skinpack is based on the Australian Armed Forces and includes soldiers in woodland and desert Auscam uniforms and the famous Steyr rifles which are used by the aussies. Get further informations and leave feedback in our forums here and download the mod here or here

Also his Navy Seals modification has been updated to v1.2, there is a full install available here and here. Visit our forums for more infos and support.

Some mods released by Sixpence in the near future will be Brazilian Special Forces, Tage des Zorns and Eagle Claw. He took over Brazilian S.F from Sgt. Crocodile and does the final work on it. Tage des Zorns is an entire campaign for his KSK Skinmod but will also be playable with other equipment mods. And the 12 mission campaign from Eagle Claw tends to be another “must have” mod