Ghost Recon Net

I spent most of this evening updating the links page. It was quite sad to see how many Ghost Recon sites, clan sites, and download sites have come and gone over the past 5 years. However I cleaned out all the dead links and what’s left is a list of Ghost Recon interest sites, check it out – Ghost Recon Links. That links page is always available from a link down on the right side of the news page.

I have also been updating the downloads section with a bunch of mods that we’ve managed to track down thanks to fans reading the Mod Finder forum. So if you are at a loss for a mod to play, check out the Latest Mods to see what you are missing. It’s interesting to note the sheer volume of Ghost Recon mods that are still being downloaded. Between our friends at Ghostaholic and Filefront, we estimate that upwards of 75,000 Ghost Recon mods have been download – just in the last 5 months!