Ghost Recon Net

In Ghost Recon’s 10 years there have been nine massive and remarkable unofficial expansion packs released. This week we are releasing the tenth – Rockall, a massive project by Tinker.

Containing 26 custom maps and variety of 86 mission files  across a 12 mission single player campaign than can also be played online with friends in the reworked co-op version, that supports up to 27 players! Plus 18 extra missions and 6 multiplayer maps.

You can follow the development of this massive Ghost Recon mod in our forums, but the best part of it all is, you can download it right NOW!

Enjoy this free unofficial expansion pack for Ghost Recon and be sure to leave your feedback for Tinker and the mod contributors here!

Finally, a secret for military buffs, all the actors were actual military personel, and you can read why they were included in this mod in the credits folder, in file Actor_ref.txt.