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After six years in the making, the P2 development team around Migryder just released “P2: A Cold Day in Hell” – a colossal new mod for Ghost Recon with a huge campaign consisting of 24 brand new missions that pit the Ghosts against an old archenemy – a Russian separatist movement that threatens to plunge the world into a nuclear war.

The mod comes with far more new content than could possibly be listed here, suffice it to say that pretty much everything in the game has been overhauled – maps, weapons, characters, vehicles, UI, sounds, music, videos – the whole lot, so it comes as no surprise that P2 weighs in at just short of 2 GB installed (575Mb zipped download). But rest assured: Your download time and disk space are certainly worth it!

To sum it up: Do not miss this next chapter in Ghost Recon history! Download here, forum discusion here! (If you cannot download a 575Mb file, it is available on DVD here).