Ghost Recon Net

I’ve been lucky enough to play the upcoming release of Ghost Recon on the brand new Nokia N-Gage QD over the past few days. You can read my thoughts on this conversion in our World Exclusive review – the first review of this title anywhere.

Ghost Recon N-Gage

“What you immediately notice about this conversion, is that it is unlike some other high profile pocket conversions in that it actually is a conversion and not an entirely different game, sharing only the same title as it’s big brother PC counterpart. Splinter Cell suffered that fate, morphing from a 3d-stealth title to a Rayman type platformer – a totally different game altogether. GR:JS on the Ngage QD however is very much it’s big brother’s little brother, definitely from the same gene pool.”

Click here for the full Ghost Recon Jungle Storm on N-Gage QD review.