Ghost Recon Net

Stalker has just finished a roundup of this months Ghost Recon mods. It includes details of the newly released Navy Seals from Sixpence.

“NAVY SEALS shows the Ghosts as US NAVY SEALs with different Headgear, Tactical Vests and Equipment like Backpacks & Radiopacks. Woodland and Desert Camos are available. Hero Characters are the Members from “Tears of the Sun” Movie. MP Platoon1 Members reskinned too. Also includes an extended Weaponry, with improved Reticules. New Menuscreens, Splashscreens and Creditpics. For Collectors there is a Jewel Case inside.”

There are also details on Year of the Monkey, That Others May Live, DTD Cold Callout, Stalker V2 Special Forces and the XM8 Weapons Mod.