Ghost Recon Net

Budgie is a long time Forum member here at, and recently decided to take up the challenge of creating his own Ghost Recon mod. The challenge he set himself was to create a world where the mission did not evolve around the player, a true battlefield scenario.

“GR makes the player feel like the center of the universe. Bad guys wait for you and react to your movements alone. It is also quiet when the player isn�t shooting. In this mod, the game goes on with or without you. The US will probably win the battle even if you do nothing.”

Having played the mission, I can say he has achieved that objective, indeed the mission plays out quite differently to any other you may have played. The helicopter insertion is classic, riding along side other helicopters it is a very effective cinematic type entrance.

The music score has also been carefully included to maximise the drama. The only downside is that at 160Mb the mod is a rather large download for a two mission payload. With enough persuasion Budgie might release a dial-up friendly version, so feel free to post in our mods forum if you wish! In the meantime broadband users can grab the mod here.