Ghost Recon Net

IGN have posted an entertaining report by Steve Butts on a visit the made to the RSE offices to check on Ghost Recon progress. There is some great new information in the report, which has been added to ourGR-Synopsis, and 15 brand new images.

 IGN report that 16 levels are planned for release, 13 are already complete, or near completion. Missions range from rescuing downed pilots to destroying, or defending, bridges. Some alpha titles include Eager Smoke and Gold Mountain. Team play during missions is to be rewarded, lone wolfs will not be encouraged :o)

Discussions regarding uniforms has already started on our forums, so it was interesting to read that RSE is looking at ways to add dynamic effects such as mud to clothing.. “In other words, if you character lies down in the mud, when he gets up, he will be covered in mud.”

Another forum discussion just posted yesterday refers to damage location, and this too is being addressed by Ghost Recon designers; wounds will be location specific with corresponding limitations. As far as release dates, IGN reports that the Ghost Recon Team are actually ahead of schedule, however December is still being touted as the release date.