Ghost Recon Net

Some observant users of the All Seeing Eye spotted an unusual server recently – HX5 Beta server. This was the first public indication that Harntrox was once again at work, modding for Ghost Recon. In collaboration with Ravenmouth, Harntrox has a real blockbuster of a mod on the cards, that will offer brand new features, not just for gamers, but for modders too! Exact details of these new features are still classified, but having seen them I can tell you they are awesome and will breakdown some barriers that will once again extend the lifetime of Ghost Recon. Here’s how Harntrox put it to me…

“=DRAG= is cooking up a ‘mission modder’s dream’ expansion pack … everything you always wanted to do in GR but it wouldn’t let ya”

What I can tell you is that Red Sun will feature over 800 unique kits, and 40 new uniforms. 3dretreat have scooped some other details, you can read that here. Forum discussion and speculation is underway here.