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I can’t quite believe this has made it to the news page, but it’s gathering such momentum it’s getting hard to ignore. What am I talking about? This…

Ghost Recon Classic

The Ghost Recon Classic campaign was started recently by Whiteknight as he mused over an anology based on a new cola compared to the new Ghost Recon. Whiteknight explains his thoughts about what happened way back when the makers of Coca-Cola thought they’d replace the hugely succesful formula for a new variant, and had to change it back due to public outcry.

Coca Recon

The gameplay changes Ghost Recon is going through are being likened to those dark times for Coca-Cola, and his analogy has struck a chord with the very core of the Ghost Recon community. Fans both here and at the official forums are adding the Ghost Recon Classic logo to their forum signatures in support of a return to the gameplay formula that made Ghost Recon great. So when you see this image on every Ghost Recon forum page, sported by more and more fans, you’ll know what it’s all about, and hopefully agree enough with the sentiment that you’ll also add it to your signature file. For anyone needing a hi-res version, the best we’ve seen so far is Prozac360’s here.