Ghost Recon Net

Lightspeed’s Golden Triangle Ghost Recon 1 co-op tournament has come to a close, and the winners are…. the unstoppable Alpha Squad! Not only did they win, but they did it in style, completing each of the seven missions with full points! Congratulations to the other teams for their sporting contribution to the tournament. You can see all the final standings here, and the official forum for further reading can be found here.

The missions that Lightspeed crafted for the tournament were awesome, and we’d encourage everyone to give them a try. We’ve created a pack of all the missions including text file briefings, and a list of all the mods you’ll require to play. Download Golden Triangle here. Once you’ve tried the missions, you can also watch and learn from Alpha Squad’s example, as we have prepared a mission replay download pack, grab that here.

Finally, huge thanks to Lightspeed for a spectacular set of fun but tricky missions.