Ghost Recon Net

Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine gave the original Ghost Recon and the thumbs up this month in the USA. Thanks to Xian Saint for sending us the details – check it out. They ran a feature on which games maintained strong communities even after sequels were published, they called it “Out with the new and sticking with the old“. They gave Ghost Recon 1 top marks and had this to say…

“Despite the recent release of Ghost Recon 2, the original maintains a very enthusiastic fanbase, as evidenced by the deluge of GR1 posts showing up daily on the forums. What’s missing from the follow up? Ironically many players cite the differences in single-player mode as their main criticism. As one fan puts it “GR1 has more openness – open maps, open ended mission completion, and freedom of movement.”

Congratulations to forum regular Kurtz – that’s his quote they have published! On a day when we’ve had Ghost Recon 2 for the PC snatched from our grasp due to its cancellation, this is a nice pat on the back to you folks who have kept this community so strong for so long. Ghost Recon 2 PC is dead, Long Live Ghost Recon!