Ghost Recon Net

Since February this year one mod in particular has been attracting a remarkable amount of praise, and not without good reason.

“…this is the next level of skinning. The textures are awesome and the detail level is fantastic…”

That quote from ceptico in the forums is typical of a whole stream of similar posts from Ghost Recon fans excited about the release of a massive character mod from modder eSkwaad. Today he is releasing a mini mod in advance of the full mod.

Delta Force 1990 contains superbly created Delta Forces characters with 100% new models and textures. There are four Delta Force characters (BHD style) with woodland and jungle variations. Download Delta Force 1990 here.

For more details on the full mod that eSkwaad has been working on for over 8 months, start browsing here to find screenshots of the remarkable characters he has been producing.