Ghost Recon Net

Biffa has been working away for many months on an interesting looking conversion he is calling Cops and Robbers. When complete the campaign will be a mix between Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and a bad series of Z cars (old UK cop drama).

At the moment the campaign is incomplete, but with a solid foundation such as the new weapons and skins this mod is full of promise. If you’d like to help script the missions drop Biffa an e-mail or post your support in the forums to get this mod finished!

Currently the mod has some great looking weapon models with over 200 new kits at least, 30 new weapons and 40 new skins turned into dozens of new actors plus a couple of experimental game types and fun kit restrictions including all 13 shotgun types.

You can download the mod in its current state here.

On a side note, Tactical Elite has some news on a recent achievement that Biffa’s Ghost Recon clan have accomplished.