Ghost Recon Net

What do you get if you take around 40 skilled Ghost Recon modders and a massive vision for a new unofficial Ghost Recon expansion pack from Jay136? Over a year later you get what is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished Ghost Recon mods ever – CENTCOM.

A very brief content listing might go something like this…

  • 12 mission campaign
  • 12 new maps with command maps.
  • User interface and mouse icon.
  • New music and sounds.
  • New vehicles.
  • New textures and decals.
  • New weapons, pulled from the Mod Team’s real world experience
  • New gametypes

There are also brand new innovative features never seen before in a Ghost Recon mod.

To see such a huge undertaking completed and released, considering the challenges the team faced and the logistics involved in pulling it all together is quite astonishing, congratulations to everyone involved! Download CENTCOM here

Forum discussion is here.

Note that CENTCOM wieghs in at a massive 300Mb and requires 7z to uncompress.