Ghost Recon Net

The original Canadian Operatives from BajaBravo was released what seems a life time ago, when Ghost Recon was still fresh on the shelves. Now, two years later, BajaBravo is releasing what could be his last major Ghost Recon project – Canadian Operatives 2, download here.

There are far too many features to list here, but here’s some highlights – full list is at BajaBravo’s site.

  • Canadian Operatives galore!
  • 40+ new weapons from 5 of the communities best weapon modders
  • 9 brand new missions from Adhoc
  • 5 “adopted” missions
  • 4 top quality custom utilities

Please visit the official site for all the details!

[update] Thanks to Dr.Jeckyl for arranging a mirror for CO2 – grab it here. Also thanks to BajaBravo for making the release of CO2 a exclusive!