Ghost Recon Net

Chems has just released his most comprehensive Ghost Recon mod to date – and it’s a cracker – the British Infantry Mod. Alot of fans have been looking forward to this one with its multi talented modding team, we’ve even been getting emails asking when it will be out. It’s out now and can be downloaded right here (46Mb). Also grab this tiny patch just released.

The full contents can be viewed in Chems’ post here, and includes…

  • 3 new snow maps
  • 2 New relight maps
  • 12 New Weapons
  • New Binos model and view
  • New Nightvision
  • 3 New Vechicles, Defender 110, Defender 110 Desert, Lynx, Lynx Desert, Rigid Raider.
  • 16 New CHRs and skins.
  • 3 New Missions, 2 from Jack57 and 1 from Hhour
  • All new shell screens
  • New Ubi and Redstorm video, new medals
  • … and more…!

Positive feedback is already coming in…

“I just beat the first mission, and can soundly say this is the best mod I’ve played. The new .Chrs look amazing, the new NV and binoculars are great, and the SA80 is great fun to use.” Sup.

This is a very professional mod with quality content, try it out and leave Chems your feedback here!