Ghost Recon Net

An interest in AI and fuzzy logic has led X69RZX to produce one of the most unique Ghost Recon mods to date. In BotHunt you will face enemies of enhanced artificial intelligence, who actually are familiar with their surroundings and will use it to their advantage, offering a whole new challenge. You can read all about the development of this mod in our forums here, tech heads can skip right to this post for the logic information. If you want to see how much work goes into one of these scripts, just take a look at this!

As a bonus X69RZX includes all the information you need to use these new bots on your own favourite maps!

Silent Op has done some extensive testing on this interesting idea, here’s some of his comments…

“This is the best AI I have ever seen attempted in GR. I love the way you can see them hunting you down. I turned on the Dev mode and sat up and the embassy roof top with a sniper. It was so very creepy to watch them move around in formation looking for me.”

The second pack adds bots to the fantastic MLP map pack 2 (which is available for download here).

Operation Jack Frost is X69RZX’s next project, and it will place the bots into the superb Frostbite maps. Until then, download and enjoy both bot packs here (requires both expansion packs).