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Here’s the second Christmas gift we have for you, and what a cracker it is. Blood Oil is a massive mod for Ghost Recon featuring a full fledged campaign with new maps, missions and much more. The lucky few who have been beta testing Blood Oil have been blown away by the quality of the content, and having seen the first map I can understand why; this mod is going down in history as one of the best ever released for Ghost Recon.

Many modders have contributed to this mod which has had a rocky road to release. It almost never saw the light of day, if it wasn’t for a band of dedicated Ghost Recon modders.  So many thanks to Tinker for pulling it all together and all the contributing modders for their awesome talents and the time they put into this huge mod, eventually released after 2 years in development.

Download Blood Oil here, and read all about it in our Ghost Recon forums here.

Bonus : Although Blood Oil is a serious campaign that you can (and should) really immerse yourself in, just for laughs Tinker has created a chicken shooting quad biking challenge for anyone with Blood Oil installed. Read about it and download it here.