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There’s a new mod on the horizon that is already being touted by some fans as possibly the best Ghost Recon custom map ever. That’s quite an accolade considering some of the fantastic maps we have seen in the past.

Originally titled “Wilderness Castle” and started way back in July this mod comes from Deleyt and Zeko and is now called “White-Skull Valley”. Progress since June has been steady, and produced some remarkable screenshots. You can follow the mods progress in this forum thread.


So, what’s going to be so special about this mod? Apart from a remarkable new map that features 100% new textures, there will also be brand new weapons (by Lurch32), a new kit restriction aimed at promoting good gameplay, new multiplayer coop games (from AS Chavez), and new single player missions!

And that’s not all. In a refreshing change that will please quite a number of Ghost Recon fans, this mod will run fine on stock Ghost Recon, without any mission packs. Not only that, the team behind this mod are also aiming to make this mod fully Mac compatible, which will please the surprising number of Mac Ghost Recon fans out there!

For more information please visit the Red Sector forums, why not post a few words of encouragement while you are there!