Ghost Recon Net

Here’s a Press Release from Tactical Gamer about their latest Ghost Recon competition…

Tactical Gamer proudly presents our 2nd Annual Ghost Recon Badger Hunt!

A two-on-one, hunt and hide, heart-pumping, mind racing, hands-shaking, cold sweat, nonstop fight to the death to win
Ghost Recon 2, Far Cry, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, a Nostromo Speedpad n52, a Complete PVR Upgrade Kit and more!

Two-man teams will have twenty minutes on two maps to pathetically attempt to locate and terminate the Badger. If they are lucky, they will come out without an extra hole in their head.

Visit the
Tactical Gamer Badger Hunt Forum for details- Because hunting is so much more fun when the prey is stalking YOU.”