Ghost Recon Net

The latest M.O.R.P.H. Anti-Hack has been released by SOTO Mac and Biffa [SAF].  All M.O.R.P.H.members will need to install this new file to play on their cheat free servers. If this is new to you, check the readme for details – here’s a clip…

“This “Mod” FORCES Default “GR”, “DS”, and NOW “IT”  Weapons, Character Files, and Mission Scripts to be used on any Servers or Games being Hosted with the Above mentioned “Mod” enabled. The  Necessity of this “Mod” is that It prevents “Cheaters” or “Hackers” from  Joining ANY and ALL “M.O.R.P.F. AntiHack Measures” “Mod” Enabled Games.”

Download the file here.