Ghost Recon Net

This is just too cool, check it out. Viper Talon has painstakingly put together 13 mission files that when loaded show every single Ghost Recon character animation – that’s all 624 animations! Even after playing Ghost Recon for all this time, some of these animations look new, I’ve never seen them before!

All you need to do is install the mod as normal, activate it, and then select from the 13 animation missions lettered a through to m. When the mission loads you’ll see a long line of Ghosts, each one performing an animation at 5 second intervals. Modders can select from the animations by activating “names” and the number for the animation will appear above each characters head, load IGOR, load the relevant mission and look at actor for that number to see what the animation filename is.

Of course it’s just fun to watch them all go through their paces! Download this clever pack here.