Ghost Recon Net

Ubisoft have published a short piece on my brother from the elite Ubisoft Breakfast Club, MattShotcha, right here.

Matt was one of a small group of fans selected by Ubisoft to meet Yves Guillemot for a breakfast meeting last year, subsequently known as The Breakfast Club. Not long after this meeting, Matt was appointed as a Ubisoft Community Manager and is currently working on supporting Ubisoft’s Trials series of games.


Rocky and Mattshotcha at E3 2015

Matt and I enjoyed E3 2015 to the max, the Ghost Recon Wildlands reveal was absolutely epic!


Rocky, Tommy and Mattshotcha in Paris 2015

Here we are making our way to the Ubisoft Paris Studios for a sneak peak at Ghost Recon Wildlands in 2015. Visiting the developer studios in Paris was hugely impressive and we cannot wait to see the development of Ghost Recon Wildlands since our visit!

More on that as it happens, until then, congratulations to Mattshotcha, and enjoy his interview!