Ghost Recon Net

Time is running out! On 27th September 2019 the doors will close on the opportunity to grab these Breakpoint rewards in advance of its release later this year. Go get ’em…

#1 – Breakpoint Pickup Truck

This one is easy, just for up Ghost Recon Wildlands and play it to register for a Breakpoint pickup.

#2 – Sueno’s Favourite Weapon

To earn this unique weapon, simply complete the Wildland’s campaign!

#3 – Exclusive Emblem and Title – Ghosts

This is for true Ghosts – in Ghost Mode you must complete the Wildlands Campaign, and unlock all parts of the Exo Suit.

#4 – Exclusive Emblem and Title – Prestige

Reach Tier One in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’ campaign – good luck with this one!

#5 –  Exclusive CQC Knife

Play at least one round of Ghost War after reaching Prestige Level 1

#6 – Sam Fisher’s Weapon

Complete Special Operation Watchman to earn this unique weapon in Breakpoint

#7 – HK416 Rainbow Six weapon skin

Complete Wildlands Special Operation Archangel

#8 – Future Soldier weapon skin

Complete Wildlands Operation Silent Spade to earn the very cool Future Soldier weapon skin.

#9 –  Laser Aptial HDG attachment

Complete Operation Oracle to earn this weapon attachment in Breakpoint.

#10 – Top Secret Reward

To unlock this secret prize, you will have to find the hidden Confidential Blueprint Kingslayer File in Operation Oracle


Finally remember you can check all of your awards at UbiClub.